Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Just Shut Up
Sometime and somewhere, I will find out that people just don't know what to say and mistakenly saying something that shouldn't be said.
Let's start with my experiences.

I was about to buy a take-away whole roast Oporto 's chicken for dinner with friends at home.
Me: "Can I have a whole roast chicken?"
Oporto's staff: "Okay, which sauce would you like?"
(the staff is a young man)
Me: "Mild please"
Oporto's staff: "Err.. eat here or take away?"
Me: .... (really can't say anything for a second thinking if anyone is crazy enough to finish a whole big chicken in one go)... "Take away please."

And let you know that this chicken is bigger than "ayam kampung", it's like a bigger version of Kentucky Fried Chicken back in Indo.

Another version: I was buying a set of gym suit plus a shoes in one shop because it had a cheap price offering. The staffs were nice and kind. However, buying a set like that in one shop would be a bad idea. Why?

Me: (buying a set of gym suit and a shoes since my only one sport shoes was stolen around 4 days before and I think better I'd buy a set of gym suit for later use, then I was going to pay for all in the cashier).
Staff: "Are you just joining a gym?"
Me: (thinking why this staff was asking me...) "Nope, actually last year."
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Been to George Gregan's cafe in North Sydney and found this design, nice.

The coffee is not as deep and smooth as Niche cafe nearby but the waitress in GG's here just like friends. They know my office's staffs and know what coffee that we like to order.

I did order a tandoori wrap in GG's and turned out getting a pesto chicken wrap, but hey, it was nice. I may be ordering another wrap in there. Seem the staffs mixed up the sign and the order, that's why often I got lots of mixed up wrap. As long as it's not vegetables that I hate, it's okay.

My diet recently changed, I would prefer some wraps with vegetables or just fruit and bread or sometime just fruit is enough for lunch. It is good as I realised that I didn't move around or exercise like before, after I moved to a new job.

Moreover, there is something that made me signed up for a one-year contract. If I can hold on that for 3 months, I may write about it in the blog.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Red Velvet
Found out a strange cake's name from Grey's Anatomy serials that there is a Red Velvet Cake. After browsing around, I found this recipe of Red Velvet from
It seem strange, a red cupcake with chocolatey flavour? No, the recipe use a real chocolate powder, not a milk white chocolate. So I was thinking of making it, after learned that the blog's writer suggested to top up the chocolate powder for more chocolatey taste.

I began made the cupcakes yesterday, mistakenly the recipe's batch size with planning to make 24 became made only 12 cupcakes. Gee.. not even enough for my workmates, so I had to gave it to some of them earlier before the others come to work.

Here are those photos:

The preparation

The batch, yes it's all RED

The result, even it's all over RED inside.

It was not all perfect. It was really chocolatey, but the cake not risen enough as I doubled the chocolate powder but forgot to reduce the plain flour. I supposed to reduce the flour if I want to add more chocolate powder. Well, I will try again next time with less chocolate powder maybe just 50% more than original recipe rather 100% like before.
What were my workmates said? They said that it's yummy and I noticed that all of them still alive at least, ha ha... or maybe die trying to ate my cake?
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