Friday, November 18, 2005
Free items
This is the many times I have received a lot of free item or free sample that were given out in Central Station. I have received free sample of 3 flavoured tea bags from Lipton, 6 energy-saver lamps from Origin in their eletricity launch brand promotion, snacks from various food distributor including Mars and Snicker that were launched back after the company took them back according to report that someone sabotaged the mars and snicker bars and put poison in the bars, Nivea hand and nail lotion sample, Continental soup pack sample and the lastest sampel I just received 2 days ago is a.o, a cereal bar with real fruit and nut taste. They have theme '100% unadulterated taste'. I got an apricot and almond bar. The other bar is coconut and almond (I forgot, is it really almond or not).
What interesting on that day is not the bar, but the mascot's costume in their promotion. I like the half-coconut head costume. It was funny and make my day brighter.

The coconut head from side view. The bed is supposed to be a part of their promotion when Mr. Coconut woke up and giving free bars?

Here is the half-coconut head, see the lost white block? That's the coconut I have stolen from them, xixixi... kidding..

Here is the free bar that I got that day. I haven't try it yet.

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Friday, November 11, 2005
Say Cheeseee....
Macam-macam keju, ini enaknya punya kamera HP, bisa diam-diam ambil foto2 di etalase toko.

Keju Feta dari Yunani (Greek), warnanya putih dan rasanya agak asin. Cocok buat salad Yunani yang bersama2 cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuces or other kind of lettuce (selada).

Ingat Jarlsberg? Keju ini aslinya dari Norwegia loh, bukan dari Belanda seperti yang aku kira. Keju ini famous sekali di amrik dan lubang2nya pernah dijadiin guyonan sebagai hasil galian yg dibikin tikus, hiiii...Lihat aja gambar si keju atau keju & tikus di sini, atau di sini, versi kartunnya dan atau humor yang dibikin oleh hasil zoom Google Moon.

Ini rupa etalase toko bagian cheese-nya. Gimana ya cara abisin keju sebanyak ini?

Yang ini bukan keju, ini macam-macam bacon dan ham import dari Italy, Yunani dan negara2 sekitar kedua negara itu.

Buat yang pengen info tentang keju dan macam2nya berikut gambar2nya click aja ke

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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Pictures from mobile camera k608i
Ini hasil foto pakai kamera HP k608i:

Bakso Super Jumbo dan Es Teler at Kingsford, Sydney. I have added sweet soy sauce and vinegar into my bowl, now it tasted like hawker's meatball soup in Indonesia.

Eric, a dinosaur which some of his bones became opalised and is in Opal Museum Display.

A closer look at Eric's bones. See the opalised bones? (tulang yang terproses menjadi opal)

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Ketupat instant
Nyoba bikin ketupat instant, ini foto2nya:

Ketupat instant merek Adabi, di kanan itu berasnya dalam plastik yg berlubang2.

Hasil jadi ketupatnya setelah rebus 1 jam, masi dalam bungkusnya dan panas!!

Ini jadinya kalo dipotong-potong selagi panas, ancurrrr.... Harusnya ketupat dipotong2 setelah dingin. Gara2 ga baca petunjuk terakhir jadi hancur, untung masi ada satu lagi.

Teman lauk ketupat instant-nya, kari kambing

Masaknya buat lauk besok, jadi engga dibikin foto sajiannya. Rasa ketupatnya? Lumayan, cuma jadi pengin Ketupat Solo yang dikasi bumbu bawang dan petis, hmmm...

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Friday, November 04, 2005
Strongest or weakest character?
I was watching Return To Me when Grace's grandpa said to her, "It's the character that's the strongest that God gives the most challenges to. Take it as a compliment."
I like what he said, but I have to replace the word 'strongest' to 'weakest'.
Because I believe that God is working on our weakest character, stamped on it till it become a strongest character, in a condition that we are working on it together with God. God is funny sometime.
My friend, Susan, was an impatient girl. Her own mom even introduced her into knitting to shape her impatient character. Everytime she finished her imperfect knitted syal that was done in hurry, her mom would open it again and again till Susan had to make it slowly and understand what she was doing in her knitting. When she grew up, she and other people who knew her never thought that she would be a teacher. Being a teacher need a lot of patience especially when she taught children. She needs to reach to the children slowly and make them respect and listen to her. A hard job, isn't it? However, she can do it together with God. This character too, was tested when she applied for a permanent visa. It need a quite long time and there were many people trying to tempted her into illegal ways to get the visa faster. However, she remains faithful to God's promise and keep walking in legal ways together with God. She got her visa directly from the immigration minister after the officers and the courts rejected her pleas. God is really working together with her.
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