Sunday, October 26, 2008
Shu Shin Bou
I was walking around George Street last Saturday when I remembered a flyer from Bread Top in World Square that was given to me last month. The flyer was an advertisement about new supermarket, Maxim, which located in Regent Place on George Street.

I made a dash to the new building located between Greater Union and KFC, going down to escalator then I found Shu Shin Bou...

The first thing that I saw is:

Shu Shin Bou's display of Daifuku, dorayaki, potato cake and
caramelised persimmon with brown sugar.

Then I saw the making of Mochi-yaki, a cake filled with creamy custard. Unfortunately, the machine was being repaired. Some cold Mochi-yaki were waiting on a box, to be sold. However I was interested to have a hot mochi-yaki rather than a cold and lumpy mochi-yaki.

The mochi-yaki's machine

The mochi-yaki display is using a false ancient Japanese oven and false fire to highlight the Mochi-yaki being sold in the shop.

Still waiting for mochi-yaki

After some more minutes waiting and seem it will take more time to get the machine working perfectly on making mochi-yaki, I focused on mochi and daifuku display. I bought some mochi with different flavours and brought it home:

I bought mochi with flavours: green tea, blueberry, mango & coconut, brown sugar with sesame, peach yogurt, and mango (with brown dusted flour). I bought 2 for each flavour.

I got the brochure about these product and flavours after I bought these mochi. The brochure will help you decide which flavour you would like to buy. Had I read the brochure before proceed to ask the staff what flavours it is one by one on mochi display, I would not be embarrassed wasting time as there were some people queue behind me.

I was advised that these mochi will last 5 days in the fridge or 15 days in the freezer.

It is good to be eaten frozen, advised the staff. So I put the fresh mochi into the freezer and ate these after some hours. It is delicious, soft and cold, though some with sensitive teeth may not like it frozen. Even though it is frozen, you can bite it through without slicing it. I almost end up eating my fourth mochi that day...

Have a look at their website in here: Shu Shin Bou's Website
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008
The Treasury Restaurant, Melbourne
So, I had been to Melbourne on 5th, 6th and 7th October because of the product knowledge sessions. Of course, if you are there for work, then the company will provide transport, accommodation and food.

My first lunch was in The Treasury Restaurant at The Sebel Melbourne. I saw lots of businessman and businesswoman around the restaurant. The waitress are very attentive, always keep our glasses full and asking us if we would like more wine.

As we were late for the scheduled visit in other place, we only had our main meal and dessert. We had to skip our second meal. No entree that was ordered originally.

John Dory fillet and bay scallop with potato primavera and prawn red pepper reduction

I like the fish, it was moist and soft. The bay scallop was cooked from fresh scallop and tender. When you eat food that fresh, it will retain its moistness during cooking. The sauce was tomato and some herbs (?) which tasted light and not too powering.

Coconut and pineapple pafrait (cone-shaped), with passion fruit jelly and pineapple sorbet.

The next is our dessert. It had a parfait. I never tried a parfait before, moreover combination of coconut and pineapple parfait seem like eating a butterscotch withour sugar (?). It tasted like something delicious, nutty, a bit sweet and I felt like I can taste buttery flavour but it is not butter, maybe because it was coconut milk in the ingredient. There were some chopped fruit mixed with passion fruit to accompany this dessert.

The Treasury Restaurant from above. See what is next to left of the round tables? It is used to be bank cashier. The whole building actually was The Bank of Australasia, built in 1876. Most of the building has gone refurbishment while maintaining its orginal structure and decorations.

I went to the bathroom, located on upstairs. It provided Molton Brown hand wash and lotion, a brand from UK, which is great service provided. I love the Molton Brown's lotion perfume. Seem they are using naran ji Molton Brown? We were happy to lather our hands with lots of lotion and come out from the bathroom with soft, smooth and perfumed hands.

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