Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Melbourne Food Getaway Part 1
My blog have not been updated since my job started having night shifts, which have thrown my balanced life into chaos and sometime I could not attend lots of casual dinner with friends. On top of it, seem facebook, twitter and other social networks have keep me away from blogging as my friends have been active and moved into these social networks.

Looking back, I have been thinking to blog a real foodblog and move this blog to a new blog which I have created last month. I had to separate my personal blog with my foodblog. This new foodblog address will only be used for other foodblogger.

Let's move into Melbourne Getaway or shall I call it Melbourne Food Getaway?

Pho Mekong

My friends and me was walking around Swanston Street in Early September and then Cy asked me to look for Pho Mekong using my iPhone Safari. Instead Safari, I opened the FourSquare application. It was time to try this new application and voila! We got some short recommendations menu, location on google map, and address.

Recommended menus are Pho (beef soup noodle) and Chicken & prawn spring rolls. We were waiting for around 15 minutes before these delivered to our table. The soup is a bit sweet and a bit sticky. It was said that the soup is cooked for 24 hours. Definitely the stickiest Pho soup which I have tasted so far. The rice noodle is smooth and silky, easy to slurp. This is the only Signature Pho soup served with bone marrow. Can you spot the unusual soft white things inside my bowl? These are bone marrows!

These golden spring rolls definitely an eye catch. It was so hot when it arrived on our table. We had to continue slurping our soup while awaiting for these to cold down a bit. Served with delicious sweet and tangy dipping sauce and lettuce, these spring rolls was folded elegantly and tightly wrapped. First bite, you can feel these crunchy outer skin and tasted these tasty mince chicken & minced prawn inside with green bean vermicelli combined. We love the sweet and tangy dipping sauce combination with the spring rolls and could not stop keep dipping it into the sauce.

Pho Mekong is located on 241 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Spicy Fish

After resting two hours inside the hotel's room, we decide to go to Chinatown on Little Bourke Street for dinner. Passing a crowded restaurant called Spicy Fish made us wondering what is inside. We asked and the waitress advised us to wait for 30 minutes as it was crowded and a bit hard to get a table for 5 people.

FourSquare recommended dry chili chicken and pork ribs with dry chili. As we favour pork, we decide to get dry chili pork ribs. We were also drawn to the picture of fragrant duck and ordered one. My friend, SV, decided to order Barramundi cooked with the mince pork and chili.

The Fragrant Duck is the winner. It tasted like Balinese version of fragrant duck (in Indonesia, it is called Bebek Bengil). I have never been to Bali, but my friends assured me that they really like this duck and never eat any duck as good as this one in Australia. We ate this duck, could not stop looking at it during dinner and almost fight for the last piece.
When we visit the Spicy Fish for lunch on our last day in Melbourne, the fragrant duck was not as good as the one we had on our dinner. Seem the night chef cooked it better. As for lunch, the duck was under cooked and not salty enough.

Dry chili pork ribs is our favourite number two that night. Decorated with dry chili and peanuts all over, this pork ribs dish were not too hot. We love the combination of bright colours and the fragrant smell from this dish. It was like playing digging for treasure when we were looking for these peanuts after finished the pork ribs. The peanuts are hotter than the pork ribs and a bit crunchy like beer nuts.

Barramundi cooked with mince pork and chili with Sze Chuan style. Sadly, though this one is on market price, we think that it is just tasted like usual fish and no specialty in this dish. It is a strong hot chili but not fiery one. The sauce is not a tasty one and seem this one was cooked as a usual fish dish.

Spicy Fish is located on 209 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.


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At Saturday, October 02, 2010 4:33:00 pm, Blogger Yuliana-Fun

aiyaaaa lama blogmu tak terawat..sudah berdebu nih li.. :)

iya, mending pisahin aja.. kalo isinya makanan semua, gw bisa ngiler hehehe :)