Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Blog This Picture IV
This is the 4th time.

I was visiting my former workmate in Mt. Druitt. She was the senior in my previous workplace and always protected and help me around. She wanted me to come over and have a catch up. So, last Saturday I went to her house. It took 1.5 hours by train to get there and around 20 minutes waiting for train to came up.

As she is from Tonga (a small island country, close to Fiji), se always come to workplace with her unique lunch. I always joked about her lunch. She would put cassava (singkong), sweet potato (ubi manis) and even banana together with fish or her other meals. I joked that I would never eat at her place as she said to me that her husband and her kids has to eat her cooking or not at all. Her husband is an Australian.

What made me laugh is when I arrived I found a sign on her kitchen:

What I cook, you eat

Lucky that she only cook a Spanish dish that day. A garlic prawn. No cassava nor sweet potato in my sight, what a life saver!

Garlic Prawn spices: crushed garlic (a lots), chillies, olive oil (a small cup) and a big chunck of butter (no prawn yet).

She put everything inside that small iron bowl (Spanish people do use that iron bowl) and the put these on stove. She said that some Spanish restaurants do put these in the oven, however she wanted to do it quickly by just use stove. She put some big prawn inside after the butter melted.

We ate the final product (above photo) by dipping the sliced crusty bread inside the olive oil and enjoy it with the crushed garlic + chllies and prawn.

The other day, I was in the shopping centre and decided to eat a Japanese pancake that was sold in the mall. There are lots of choices, however the fruit slices were sliced very thinly. The pancake that I ate was mango pancake with green tea ice cream. The white thing is the cream, that said made from whipped white egg with cream, no butter at all.
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