Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Been to George Gregan's cafe in North Sydney and found this design, nice.

The coffee is not as deep and smooth as Niche cafe nearby but the waitress in GG's here just like friends. They know my office's staffs and know what coffee that we like to order.

I did order a tandoori wrap in GG's and turned out getting a pesto chicken wrap, but hey, it was nice. I may be ordering another wrap in there. Seem the staffs mixed up the sign and the order, that's why often I got lots of mixed up wrap. As long as it's not vegetables that I hate, it's okay.

My diet recently changed, I would prefer some wraps with vegetables or just fruit and bread or sometime just fruit is enough for lunch. It is good as I realised that I didn't move around or exercise like before, after I moved to a new job.

Moreover, there is something that made me signed up for a one-year contract. If I can hold on that for 3 months, I may write about it in the blog.
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