Saturday, February 28, 2009
The Eveleigh Market
It was a hot day and I was already too late to attend Eveleigh Market. Located around 500 metres or just around 8-10 minutes walking from Redfern train station, there were a lots of people in the market. Some people already going home with lots of goodies and bags when I passed them on the way to Eveleigh Market.

The market is housed under an open warehouse. There were lots of people queueing for Eumundi cooked sausages. Then I saw The Biscuit Tree stall, however I didn't see the famous Suze from Chocolatesuze around the stall, so I decided to explore a little bit.

I saw Gena from Sweetness the Pattisserie with her famous marshmallow. I bought lime and ginger shortbread. It is crumbly easily, but the flavour duo of ginger and lime are perfect. My heart sang happily after I finished the shortbread.

I saw the Gympie Farm stall. From Helen's blog Grab Your Fork, Helen wrote that she loves the churned butter. So instead asking for cheese tasting, I asked for butter sample. It is indeed so creamy and fresh, however the salt were not spread evenly. I could feel a bite side a bit salty than other side. I wanted to buy the butter, but a meeting with other friend in Parramatta in the afternoon made me had to hold back and said that I 'll be back next week to buy the butter.

I went back to Eumundi and bought a small chorizo roll. The chorizo was tasty and hot. If only they are selling other sausages as well, I would be happily to buy the mixed platter with no bread.

I went back to The Biscuit Tree stall, there were an older couple waiting by the stall. I bought packs of shortbread and thin biscotti. The older man handed me a shortbread sample and I fell in love with the crunchy shortbread. It was made with a very fine butter, I could smell the goodness of butter and the great flavour of white chocolate & cranberry. This is indeed a great shortbread, not too crumbly and a good bite size! I can easily pop it in my mouth and not to worry about crumbly part everywhere on my clothes.

My buying

I asked the older man, where is Susan. The man laughed and said that Susan would be around the market. "She likes to explore the market", said the man. I informed him that I read the blog and told him that Susan is quite famous now and he laughed proudly. The lady immediately called Susan even though I said that it was not really important. Susan appeared and I told her that I read her blog. She told me that Helen was around, but my mind was wandering as my friend should have called me to tell me what time she will be in Parramatta. I told Susan that I will be going anyway and I just wanted to said hi to her.

Then after several steps it stuck me, did she mentioned Grab Your Fork? I went back and asked her if I could see Helen. Susan told me to update my blog, but my blog is not even a food blog. I just love to eat and try something new. That's why food bloggers come in handy for me when you don't want to get disappointed at any restaurant or eating places that you never visit before. Helen has a big smile and very kind. Both of Helen and Susan carried big cameras. That's the proof of serious food bloggers. Helen informed that today is the first time the Eveleigh Market opened officially. That's why I didn's see any photos or review other than the Eveleigh's Christmas report from Helen's blog.

close up of white chocolate and cranberry shortbread in the bag

I would recommended anyone to try these shortbreads and biscotti from The Biscuit Tree. These shortbread are in bite size and the thin biscotti are great as these are home made and have great taste.
I love the shortbread, great flavour, it makes me eating it non-stop. It is really different with the shortbread kind in supermarket. Even better and creamier than the famous Arnott macadamie shortbread.

Close up of coffee and ginger biscotti in a bag, you could see these candied ginger

The coffee and ginger shortbread is unique. The candied ginger is tasty and generously spread randomly all over the biscotti. I never ate any candied ginger before as usually Indonesian people would be using ginger as a spice for cooking salty food only, but behold, this candied ginger one is perfect on flavour and texture!

close up of pistachio biscotti in the bag, have not try this one yet

For better close-up pictures, see The Biscuit Tree website.

I think I was nervous when I met these famous food bloggers, not sure what I could talk about. Food?

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At Sunday, March 01, 2009 5:21:00 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop)

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, and I agree, The Biscuit's shortbread and biscotti are awesome!
I actually bought the kilo container of butter from Gympie Farm (it freezes perfectly) and from Sweetness, Gena's amazing pistachio and cranberry nougat. So glad the markets are on - such a great atmosphere.


At Thursday, March 05, 2009 5:24:00 pm, Anonymous chocolatesuze

thanks for visiting dude! hehe the 'older couple' were my mum and dad =P


At Friday, March 06, 2009 6:44:00 am, Anonymous Lorraine@NotQuiteNigella

Sounds like a great afternoon and the markets sound like they have some really nice produce. Christie from Fig and Cherry got some gorgeous figs :)


At Friday, March 06, 2009 10:44:00 pm, Blogger Lilia

Helen: It was nice to meet you as well. I can see that you are a very well informed food blogger and good communicator.

Suze: I know they are your mom and dad 'cos when I told them that I read your blog, they were look so happy and proud, but I need to make sure :p

Lorraine: Yeah it is great afternoon. I didn't spend lots of my time as I have to go to Parramatta. You may come to the market tomorrow. I have to delay buying the butter until nest 2 weeks. When are you going to come to Centennial Park next week? Maybe we all can have a food blogger meeting in there.


At Friday, April 17, 2009 7:26:00 pm, Blogger catatan salwangga

waduh, bahasa bule. kagak ngarti gue. he..he..he..