Sunday, February 11, 2007
Kangaroo Valley
Kangaroo Valley is situated 2 hours from Sydney. The road between Sydney to Kangaroo Valley is not comfortable since there are lots of curve roads between Berry to Kangaroo Valley. There are 4 very sharp curve roads between Berry and Kangaroo Valley. I went there with friends on Friday night and stay there till Sunday morning. It was my first time to stayover in an Australian village. It's also where I got my first close encounter with a horse and a shortland horse (kuda pony). It's also where I experienced how to paddling a canoe, pushing it when I was in the shallow water. Actually, I was a freak clean person, so when had to get down into the river, I braced myself for the worst. I was worrying about the dirty things underwater. However, the competition to be the front runner during the canoe paddling, make me forgot everything plus I had to get down because my friend's daughter (who I was with during canoe paddling) is a small girl.
Enough with those English.... ('cos one of my blogger friend got EYD in her blog, making me trying to use formal English, hehehe).

Rumah yang aku tinggalin ternyata benar-benar well equipped. Ada portable BBQ burner, a DVD player, a digital top box, a small swimming pool, a large fridge, rainwater tank, a solar heat for hot water, electric oil-heater in every room, CD player dan tabung gas buat BBQ burner. Alat2 pun lengkap. Ada senter, vacuum cleaner, sapu2, banyak bolam cadangan, korek api, lilin, telpon, alat2 buat masak, piring2, alat2 makan, pisau2, 2 sofa, kursi goyang, tempat tidur mattress. Juga, rumahnya bersih dan gag berdebu.

Ini ada beberapa foto, oleh2 dari Kangaroo Valley:

Buah kenari, pertama kali kulihat. Biasa liatnya cuma di majalah Donal Bebek, bersama2 Kiki dan Koko.

A shortland, named Neddy is the black one. A maree, called Molly is the brown-fat horse. Molly is really friendly, just make sure that you come to him slowly and start it by patting softly. Dia bakal arahkan moncongnya ke kamu dan aku biasanya elus2 dulu moncongnya lalu elus2 punggungnya. Gag boleh kagetin kuda dan gag boleh bediri di belakang kuda persis, bisa2 disepak.

Canoeing with Ratna, my friend. I was in the back. Eventhough the river seem clean, I was hurried to avoid a pink bubbles that was floating on the water when I was pushing the canoe with her daughter. There are lots of green mould between the rocks at the far left side of the river, yuck...

This is inside the house. It is a big house, clean and well maintained. This is where the fireplace situated. Posted by Picasa
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At Monday, February 12, 2007 12:25:00 pm, Blogger Yenny Lesly

waks, judulnya kangaroo valley tapi potona poto kuda :D


At Tuesday, February 13, 2007 8:04:00 pm, Anonymous Kokonya Lili

kangaroonya disebelahnya kuda kok xixixixi