Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I have a friend who was recently tried ecstasy. I was surprised when he told me, because as far I have known, he is a guy who always live to the fullest and clean guy (not a smoker, doesn't like medicines and he always maintain his fresh clean face and style). He is like a kid from next door.

After his first use of the ecstasy, he told me that he learned and asked experienced people who are using it regularly before decided to try it. He asked his friend to find a high quality one and look after him when he was on drug.

Afterward, he told me his experience. Ecstasy does work but it will need around 1 hour to reach the 'high'.

At this point, the user will feel a very high energy coming and feel so high and happy then started to shake the feet to release the coming and coming abundant of energy. This is when he started feel like to dance.

He also told me that when he feel high, he can think, yes, think very clear and feel so creative with many ideas and he could remember everything that was happening around. I guess maybe that why many talented people (singer, painter, actor and actress, etc) who feel that there is no more ideas or feel that when they get bollocks, they turned to drugs like ecstasy (when they feel so much despair).

Then after some hours on high, like other drug when it wear out, the users will feel so down, suddenly they will feel so empty and there is a very strong emotion which make them feel in a bigger despair that they never feel before.

This stage is the dangerous stage where usually feeling like not wanted, suicide or so low from anyone will be so great. I guess this is why some users can not overcome this down feeling and choose to eat ecstasy again to get the high feeling.

Some users did dead because they didn't want to feel the 'down time', they wanted the 'high feeling' more and more while forgetting that they would eventually overdose and kill themselves.

As my friend already been told to think only happiness and ignore the down feeling, he tried hard to keep himself happy during this period. Hours after using the ecstasy? He said that he feel so sick for around 2-3 days. He got headache and aching everywhere in parts of his body.

Why did I wrote this? Because I can NOT understand why did Israeli doctors want to use ecstasy to treat trauma victims. Isn't it dangerous when these patients get the period of "down time"? Will it not make them feeling even more suicidal? I definitely disagree with these doctors after I heard my friend's experience on ecstasy.

Here is the article from:,23599,23600809-2,00.html

Ecstasy tested on war trauma victims

From correspondents in Jerusalem

April 26, 2008 01:55am

Article from: Agence France-Presse

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  • Israeli team testing ecstasy on trauma victims
  • Doctors believe it will both calm and stimulate
  • It could help hundreds of affected troops
AN Israeli medical team has started tests using the drug ecstasy as a treatment for conflict-linked post-traumatic disorders, according to reports in the Maariv daily.

Doctors at the Beer-Yakov psychiatric hospital south of Tel Aviv are testing the response of Israeli post-traumatic disorder patients to MDMA, the active ingredient in the drug.

Rakefet Rodriguez, Sergio Marchiveski and Marina Kaufchicz, who are leading the experimental programme, are convinced that psychotheraphy is crucial in curing patients and that ecstasy can help them to recover.

The doctors believe the drug has both calming and stimulating effects that can help patients not only overcome trauma but also dominate it, Maariv said.

Almost 500 reserve troops suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following the 34-day war that pitted Israeli troops against Lebanon's Hezbollah Shiite militia in July and August 2006, the paper said.

Ecstasy, which is illegal in most countries, is one of the world's most commonly used narcotics.


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At Thursday, July 17, 2008 1:37:00 am, Anonymous Fun

hah? masak sich dengan pake ecstasy jadi bisa mikir dengan jelas?? baru tau loh gw... gw kirain yang make ecstasy itu identik dengan goyang2 kepala dan badan hehee :)


At Thursday, July 17, 2008 4:09:00 am, Blogger kayakotto

I disagree with the doctors playing around with ecstasy as well. It is just another symptom of a world obsessed with medicating symptoms away. Medicating one into a false euphoria or a numbness is not and should not be considered as a viable solution to increasing ones's ability to deal with life in sane, real, and effective manner.


At Thursday, July 17, 2008 12:54:00 pm, Anonymous Koko

If it helps, why not? I don't think the doctor only use those pills but also other treatment like counseling,etc