Tuesday, May 20, 2008
There was a free physio exam offered in my gym. I though that it may be useful, so I signed in for one appointment just for my curious mind.

The physio guy greeted me on his door and ask me if it would be okay for him to examine me. I said it's okay. Then he asked me to do many movements bent here, lift that and try this and that. Then the results really surpised me.

He told me that my thigh, knee and hips are the most weakest parts beside my upper back and neck. He told me that in several years I will experience pain in my knee if I don't have a proper training.

It make me thinking if not training properly is the most cause of pain in the knee for most Indonesian people. Most of my family members from my Mom and my Dad sides have a lot of problem with the hips, knee and upper back.

Most Indonesian people who experience pain in the knee would blame it on gout (build up of uric acid) or arthritis. Then these people would be looking for medicines and eat anything to feel better, sadly it is not always the best solution. The best one is an early proper training and proper balanced diet. Bahasa indonya gout = penyakit asam urat, arthritis = rematik.

Now after I realised it, I began my training with a trainer. Fortunately, I have this trainer, Megan. She is a wonderful girl, trying to push me but not too much. She is very communicative and patient to bear with me. I couldn't rotate my hips at the first training and she told me many times on how to do it and how to feel it. My training regime is not too hard like a boot camp, but it made me feel so exhausted at first and second week. I feel pain everywhere on my thigh, butt and legs a day after these trainings. Sometime I feel that I'm doing too much and couldn't going on again. Megan would then push me and asked me to schedule another one and make sure that I wil not skipped any. I read an article that a women would need to training harder than men to get where the men reach if the women de-training or skipped trainings at the same days as men. Again, it is women's body always unfortunate than men? Before it is hormone, now it is about getting harder to fit like men?

On fourth week, I began feel easy to breathe and easy to do more. However, I know Megan will push me more again to my limit, oh no....

What I'm doing:

Chair Squat

Ball Squat

Lunge Slide

For a man, it may be better to do these basic first

Be careful, you may do wrong movement without the aid of a professional trainer. I did lots of wrong movement such as bent my neck to see my knee, bent too forward and bent too much. A right movement will aid you, a wrong movement will make it worse.

Don't forget to do cardio first or use a cross-trainer machine for 10 minutes to warm up, also don't forget to shake off your muscle to relax after these training.

Now I'm trying to show my friend who is having a problem with her hips on how to do these basics first.

Then I will train my Mom when I come back to Indonesia.

A good exercise is not just about running and walking all day! In fact my physio told me not to run or use threadmill for more than 10 minutes during 3 first months in the gym. Seem I'm in a high risk without proper training?
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At Sunday, June 08, 2008 12:41:00 am, Blogger Credo

Opps.. tersentil untuk olah raga yg rutin lagi, hehehe :D *segera menuju sport center*


At Friday, July 04, 2008 5:55:00 pm, Blogger Budi Susanto

well, dirumah jgn coba2 jadi pelatih olah raga yaa? since loe gak terlatih jadi trainer Gym :P bahaya, serahkan saja ke ahlinya :D nasihat yg loe terima dr trainer gym belum tentu cocok buat orang lain.