Monday, October 15, 2007
In Paris - Day Two, Part Five: Seine River and Eiffel Tower
From Louvre, we walk along the Seine River. It's a famous river in Paris that almost divide the Paris north and south. This river is very close to a lot of major tourist attractions in Paris. It's close to Notre Dame, Paris Wheel, Louvre, and Eiffel Tower. An all-day-long pass on Batobus cruise only cost 12 Euros. You can hop in and hop off many times in a day using an all-day-long pass and it's really worthy price as you do not have to read map of Paris Metro to reach your destination or worry about going to a wrong ring without a valid ticket. Beside it, the river doesn't smell as bad as the Metro underground subways.

Our group walked out from Louvre, along Seine river. The long and tall building on the left side is Louvre Museum.

Seine River, seen from a bridge on west-side of the Paris city.

Seine River, one of bridge that cross Seine River and Eiffel Tower seen from a Batobus cruise.

Because it's only around around 2 pm, our group decided to stay on the cruise ship, enjoying the view along Seine River and come back later in the evening, so that we could see Eiffel Tower during evening and night time. It'll be great to take some pictures of Eiffel in the daylight and night.

Batobus cruise start and end in a circular cruise from Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame. This is a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Our group then decide to get off at Notre Dame and have a look around because the ship that we got on was having a problem with its machine. The crew told us that it'll be a little bit late for each cruise ship to come at its destination, around 20-30 minutes late because one of the ship broke down. I gave a thumb up for one of the crew, a young man who seemed a bit worked out with those rope and pulling the ship. He seemed happy and gave reply of thumb up. After we got off, he smiled at me. then I took a photos of Notre Dame then spotted him under a tree close to the ship and again, he smiled broadly. Seem I had brighten his day?

Those sculptures depict the Christ, angels, human and satan. If you see the one just below, you'll see one of the satan seeming encourage humans to do something?

No problem with the broken ship, though. I enjoyed the view around it and our group decided to have lunch in one of the cafe. I ate a Paris crepes that full of Nutella slab and bananas. Seem after seeing me enjoying that, the others decided to order the crepes as well, hehehe...

I posted a postcard for a workmate who gave me a chance to go toParis, that was why I asked one of the waiter about a post office box. Yes, they did speak English and kind enough to told me where is the yellow post office box. Who said that Parisian people are ignorant to English-speaker?

We hopped on the ship and went back to Paris Wheel.

Paris Eiffel, seen from Batobus cruise on Seine River. It's really huge.

It's Rugby World Cup 2007 event, no wonder we were seeing this between the tower:

A huge rugby ball

There were options to choose between climb the ladder or using one of the lift provided by paying an extra cost. The higher the tower level that you want to go, the higher is the cost. I chose to go up to level 2, as from level 3, the highest level, I don't think that I'll be able to see around as it's so small.

View from the Eiffel's lift

A view from Eiffel Tower. We did walk along that fountain on the right-side later to get some Eiffel photos in the night time from there.

Paris Wheel and Seine River seen from Eiffel Tower.

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