Saturday, October 06, 2007
In Paris - Day One, Part Two: Views from Arc de Triomphe
After looking around the Arc with its scribbled names and sculptures, we climbed up the spiral staircases. It's said to have 284 staircases and all are spiral staircases. Feeling a little bit dizzy and exhausted as my group climbed the stairs quite fast, I reached the top of the staircases and walk past the souvenir shop to go upstair for the views of Paris. It's afternoon, so we can see around while waiting a little bit for the sunset. I could see Champ de Elysees, Paris Wheel, Eiffel Tower, a famous church, and La Grande Arche De La Defense.

Paris Wheel and Champ de Elysees

La Grande Arche De La Defense

Eventhough there is no marking for turning motors and that traffic above seemed in chaos, I never seen any accident in Paris.

We passed the Tuilleries Garden on the way to hotel and saw this French person sitting down like that, enjoying the fountain to spent his leisure time

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