Sunday, October 07, 2007
In Paris - Day Two, Part Two: Inside Louvre
Louvre has a lot of paintings, sculptures, arts, ancient coins, ancient lockets, swords, and a lot of things inside. There are 3 sections inside Louvre: Richeliu, Sully and Denon. Each section has 4 level floors. So, can you imagine how many display inside Louvre Museum?

There are around 380,000 objects inside Louvre and all are displayed in over 60,600 square meters of exhibition space. If you want to know how wide is Louvre Museum from outside building, see this panoramic view of Louvre from Wikipedia.

Here are some pictures from Louvre, taken by myself:

Inside the sculpture exhibition on Ground Floor in Denon section.

Even the ceilings inside Louvre held a lot of picture and sculpture exhibitions.

Inside Denon section on 1st Floor, the French Painting exhibition. It is really a long corridor.

Italian painting exhibition, inside Denon section. Yes, we spent a lot of time inside Denon section.

Venus de Milo inside Sully section on ground floor.

A little bit story of Venus de Milo. My dad had this fine figurine of a woman without both of her hands. The figurine is in a jade stone and always been on my mom's mirror table inside my parent's room. I didn't know back then who is this woman figurine. I remembered my childhood where I was playing with this figurine, sometime dropped it on the table while wondering who is this woman figurine. Little did I know that I would encounter this figurine in Paris.

I saw the familiar woman figurine inside Louvre's brochure and then I told my group that I want to go there. So I made them followed me down... down (we was on 2nd floors, the highest floor) and here and there and then I asked one of the museum guard where was the figurine, then voila... I found that woman, Venus de Milo (Venus from Milo Island). Then I tried to find out who was this woman. Venus de Milo could be a potrayal of Aphrodite, God of Love (known to the Romans as Venus) or Amphitrite, the Sea Goddess, venerated on the island.

I called my mom that night and told her that I found the figurine. Now I need to print out those photos and send her as she was very eager to have a look at those pictures too.

For a note: Wonder if that figurine is really a potrayal of Aphrodite? I need more time to find out if a man that I like recently was really brought here in France with me during 5 days journey is really my soulmate. Just find out too, from a friend that there was this Indonesian movie called "Paris, I fall in love".

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