Saturday, October 13, 2007
In Paris - Day Two, Part Four: Napoleon Apartments Inside Louvre
I saw this "Napoleon III Apartments" on the brochure and told the group that we should go there. It's on 1st floor inside Richelieu section. After getting there, I was amazed to saw alot of chandeliers, red curtains and gold colours everywhere.

Inside Napoleon III Grand Salon.

Napoleon's Dining Room

Even the ceilings inside Napoleon's apartment has this huge chandelier and a painting on the ceiling.

After this Napoleon Apartment, we realise that it's almost 12 pm. We came to Louvre 9 am and had to get out by 12 pm. It's only 3 hours, that was why our group had to move around quickly to get a lots of thing to look at. So, that time we got panicked and trying to find our way out then lost inside the museum many times then got separated with Kate. We were looking for Kate while we were trying to find our way out. After found our way out, we saw a souvenir shop then decided to go inside the souvenir shop for a while, bought this and that. Then we were out to met Andrew, Anna and Danesh outside the Museum and Julie saw Kate already outside the Museum, next to a statue of French General who is riding a horse.

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