Sunday, October 07, 2007
In Paris - Day One, Part Three: Dining ala France
After climbing down Arc de Triomphe, we walked back to the hotel to get change and be ready to go to a recommended restaurant by the Receptionist from the hotel. The restaurant's name is Gallopin. There is a funny bartender who made a funny face when I told him that I ordered orange juice with no glacee (no ice). I felt cold that night and had to use my jacket even after we all were ushered inside.

The thing that I hate about any restaurant in France is, everyone smoking inside eventhough the door is closed. In Sydney, they have separated space allocation for non-smoker and smoker. Usually, most seats inside of restaurants in Australia are for non-smoking patrons.Sydney people usually polite enough not to smoke inside a closed room.

I still remember my childhood. Whenever my family going to a wedding reception in a restaurant (it's always in a restaurants with air conditioning), I always felt my eyes are hurt and my breath cannot survive for a long time inside the restaurant as there were many people smoking inside air-conditioning restaurants. I still could remember whenever I looked up, there are cloudy air inside those Indonesian restaurants.

I ordered d'entrecote in Gallopin. It's a small steak. I knew that I couldn't eat a lot as I was tired and it was already late night (around 8 pm).

The waiters in Paris always wear formal attiree. The waiters would wear tie and it's seemed a standard in Paris.
While dining, France people would ordered wine or beers or other alcoholic drink. A dinner would take up around 3 hours or even more. During that time the people would talk a lot and eat a lot of food, started from entree, main meal, dessert and then may ordered more wine or coffee afterward.

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