Sunday, October 07, 2007
In Paris - Day Two, Part One: Petit Dejeneur and Entry into Louvre
Our group had to be ready at 8.30 am in the hotel lobby and then we were headed to any cafe that we can find along the way. It was a bit cold that morning as we strolled around the hotel to Comedie area. Cafe de La Comedie was our stop that morning, we chose to had our breakfast on the side road tables so that we could enjoy a view, like what other Parisian would do. We all agreed to order the same menu, petit dejeneur (small breakfast). It's consist of croissant, orange juice, coffee, jams and butter. Baguette are free in every eateries in France, include in this breakfast.

In breakfast, the baguette are sliced half long. For lunch and dinner we would received slices of baguette in a small basket and the waiter would fill it up whenever the basket is empty.

The waiter in this cafe was very kind and nice. It was different with what I was heard from friends and other people about Parisian people. Those people told me that the French people would ignored me if I start speak English. However, whenever I was in France no one ignored me for speaking in English, the French people would try to help me.

When the waiter in Cafe de La Comedie knew that I took pictures around, he offered to take pictures of our group and it turned up nice.

View from Cafe de La Comedie where we had our first petit dejeneur.

After breakfast and gave tip (a tip in France is a must), we headed to Louvre. It's not far from our breakfast cafe. Louvre's famous painting is Monalisa, it was in our must-to-see list. Little did we knew that we would see a lot more and more that would make us amazed and wondering.

A side of Louvre, and yes, it's really long and big building. It's in U-shaped and there are 2 glass pyramides in the center and a fountain.

There were some army walking around Louvre with their gun in a ready position. They were patrolling around in a group of two by two, so it wasn't so obvious. The entry door into Louvre is a big glass pyramide.

Entry door into the pyramide. The left side is for someone who is carrying bag, everyone who walked on the left side would have to get a body search, while the right side would have to queue for a while.
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