Saturday, October 13, 2007
In Paris - Day Two, Part Three: More of Inside Louvre
To tell the truth, we cannot take any picture inside Louvre. However, those museum guards seem don't bother about that because there are lots of tourist who don't care about warning not to take any picture. Those careless tourists are include my group. I took a lot and lot of pictures until I got bored the move on other section, took pictures till get bored again and it goes on.

Even those tourist (include myself), took pictures of Monalisa painting where the warning posters were displayed everywhere, hahaha...
The worst thing that happened was when Julie asked Paul to took her picture and she quickly hugging one of the statue and wrapped her arms around the statue's neck. Before Paul take any picture, one of the guard notice what did Julie do and talk harshly to her about how she would have broken the statue and the statue is one of the only kind and bla... bla... the warning was going for a long time (around 5 minutes) and the guard did talk so loud so that other tourists notice us all. I just stand there and couldn't do anything as I was surprised when Julie hugged the statue and then the guard came along, it happened so fast. Julie seemed lost in word, but I knew that she was actually do not realise what she had done before. After that incident, whenever Julie pointed out of an object, we all would tease her not to touch anything and it quickly became our joke of the day and finally we can laughed after that uncomfortable situation.

Kate - Julie - myself. Inside Louvre's French painting in Denon section.

French sculptures gallery in Richelieu section, lower ground floor.

Statue of Milo of Crotona inside Richelieu, ground floor. It was interesting because I saw this lion is biting his butt. Later I found out from Wiki that Milo of Crotona is a description of Milo of Croton, a famous Greek athlete.

Hercules and serpent. A bonus picture for Yenny, my Balinese preman ;)
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At Saturday, October 13, 2007 11:10:00 pm, Anonymous Yenny

wakkkk, pemahatnya salah bikin tuhhhhh! harusnya bukan ular yang lagi berlaga ama si hercules, tapi gw :p