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The Journey to Paris Part 1
Bahasa Inggris yaa... buat latih kalian-kalian, karena kalian ga boleh kalah dong sama anak-anak kecil Indonesia yang sudah belajar bahasa Inggris sejak TK sekarang ini. Aku juga baru mulai belajar Inggris dari SMP (generasi tua neh), tapi gue mau ajak kalian semua belajar bacanya satu-satu. Kalo ga ngerti just email me kanata2kara[at] nanti aku kasi terjemahan Indonesia-nya (tidak berlaku bagi my brother yaaa...)

Let's start:

Our group had to get on Qantas flight QF 1 at 5 pm, before that we had to meet with Andrew from Lion-Nathan in his head office. After he took some pictures, we were heading to the airport together. In this office I found out that Julie's luggage got no padlock and not locked, so I told her that it'll be dangerous and gave her one of the padlocks and the key that David from the Hotel Maintenance gave me before I left the hotel. I put some plastic cable straps on other zips that she was not using for security. Seem she had no idea how dangerous it'll be if her bag keep open like that. If you are in international flight, never keep your luggage unlocked, especially if your stop over is one of the Asian country, it's Bangkok anyway and the laws in there are very strict for foreigner.

In the airport, after checked-in, they were having some beers and talking a lot of things about the journey. The group (Kate-Julie-Danesh-Paul) and Andrew were asking me why I didn't buy any alcohol. I told them that I don't like beer because the smell is digusting for me. So Julie, one of the hotel bartender, asked me if I do like any of the alcohol, I told her it's Bailey that I like but I would have it with a lot of milk. Andrew then brought us all into Qantas Lounge room to meet his wife, Anna. Julie found out that there is a Bailey in there, so she was happy to poured the ice blocks and Bailey for me while I poured some more milk. That was when I found out that Julie is actually very nice girl and easy to be friend with, before it I just knew her a little as we are working in different department. All of us were eating and drinking in the lounge before heading into the plane.

I was seated on aisle seat next to Kate and Kate seated next to our manager, Danesh. We had 2 plane meal courses (dinner and breakfast). Our plane were flying around 8 hours before landing in Bangkok Airport and had to wait for 30 minutes before getting into the plane again. I was using that time to wash my face and applied the make-up as I didn't want to look exhausted during the flight. However, my boss asked me if there was something wrong with my face, maybe it look pale? Dunno.
Julie and Kate were using the time to buy some cigarettes, it's cheap as it's only AU$19.00 for around 200 cigarettes, in Australia it'll be around AU$100.00 she said.

I took some pictures of the Bangkok Airport that night, here is the good one:

It's all glasses and steel, also rounded edges and corners in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, there were many issues about this Airport and hey, it's just opened last year in September 2006.

Julie and Kate told me that they wanted to smoke some cigarettes before heading into the plane, so I told them that we had to go to G5 gate to board the plane. I told them where it located and got separated from them just before the custom check-up near G1. However after the "Gate Closed" announcement, they are nowhere to be seen. Danesh joked that it's good that there will be one empty seat for him to sleep over with his finger crossing while I was looking over again and again from my aisle seat, hoping that Kate and Julie will turned up. It'll be sad if they were failed to catch up the plane as I saw how happy Julie was when she cried "We are going to Paris" many times before. Fortunately, they then turned up. Seemed they had to run for a long way. It's turned up that they were lost and asked the staffs in the airport for "London" many times before found the G5 gate and running into the gate.

However, we were still stranded in the plane for next 2 hours, Paul told me that it's because there was a parent that didn't turn up and the airport had to send a car to pick them up from the hotel. I was like asking why didn't they just left that lazy parent? We had to catch a flight from London to Paris, seem it'll be late to catch that flight, anyway it's the plane that was late, not us.

Again, we had 2 meal courses (dinner and breakfast). Arrived in London after 24 hours flight and transit time was really exhausting. The British Airway that had to fly us from London to Paris already left, so we had to check into other available flight. There are lots of BA from London to Paris, so it's not hard for us to get into the plane. The thing is the queue for the costum check-in in London is very long and all of the passengers had to take off their shoes to be scanned in the X-Ray machine (mind you, it's all smelly when people had to open their shoes, not mine though, he he..). I got separated from Danesh, Julie, Andrew and Anna as they had short-cut into checked in the queue for business class earlier. My bag got separated and I had to wait for the BA staff to open the bag and check the filling one by one. Then I checked into flight with Kate and Paul. we had to wait 1.5 hours for our flight and as a complimentary for the delay, the BA gave us the GBP$5.00 for refreshment in the airport, so I went to this coffee shop "Costa" and ordered a blueberry muffin and a medium capuccino for free. It turned out that the UK medium size coffee cup is like XL size in Australia and the blueberry muffin is really delicious, but I lost my mood 'cos I was exhausted, so I couldn't finish my muffin. Here is the coffee size, compare it:

I ordered a medium size and it's come out like XL size. I finished it anyway to beat up my exhausted face as we almost arrived in Paris and I didn't want to sleep in my first day. Also a friend suggested that I tried to adjust my bodyclock with the local time as soon as possible to beat up the jet lag.
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phyuuuh *lega* pakai bhs english, dan gua gak boleh dpt terjemahannya, jadi seakan2 gak lihat :P