Wednesday, January 23, 2008
CRS Dinner
So, here I am. Back to blogging after I was having a busy 2 weeks work. I had to train 3 new people and learned a lot of things to do as my supervisor will be away for a holiday in February. I was having fun as well and learnt a lot of hotels' product knowledge. I was trying to mingling with those people from CRS as well and tried to know their personalities better so I would know how to talk and deal with them. Most people in CRS are nice people. They do care about others, helpful and not being selfish. They all are working as a team which is good as we will be recruiting more people, so we really need to work it out together while keep being a close-knit friends.

This is not my blog if there is no photo entries, rite? So here are the photos from my first CRS Dinner on 23rd January, last Wednesday at the Front Restaurant at the Sebel Pier One Hotel:

The bread rolls, menu and butter was arranged nicely.

The view from my table, a harbour view.

Amuse bouche. Salmon & potatoes fried and garnished with tangy sauce and caviar.

Scallops with raspberries Hollandaise sauce.

Beef gratin potatoes and peppercorn sauce. The sauce was a hit with a flavourful peppercorn hint. The beef was tender despite I asked for a well done beef which was a hint of a careful and nicely cooking. Usually a well done beef would get a black burnt and hard to digest.

Blood orange jelly. Full of flavour despite the small portion served, this small dessert was very flavoursome and good to switch from main meal to dessert without feeling stuffed. This one was not on the menu, so I guessed that this one is a bonus from the chef.

Chocolate Tower with berries and passion fruit coulis. Inside the tower is a chocolate mousse which was smooth, packed densely with chocolate and medium-sweet. Those fresh berries was a hit and helped me to digest those dense chocolate mousse.

International cheese platter. The cheese are blue cheese, double brie and camembert cheese. One of my workmate said that she smelled a stinking smell but couldn't find it till I told her it was a blue cheese. She couldn't believe that a cheese would smell so stinkingly strong, so she tried to smell it closely and quickly ran away from the table, ha ha..
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At Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:10:00 am, Anonymous Fun

wuah chocolate towernya bikin ngilerr.. hehehe :) sukses yak di tempat baru.. :)


At Thursday, January 31, 2008 5:31:00 am, Anonymous gattuso

passionate dinner !!!