Saturday, December 29, 2007
A Day before my last day
So, tomorrow is my last day in my old workplace. Some people already said to me to have a drink in a hotel bar. Eventhough I hate the beer's smell, I guess I'd better come to respect them. Some people from Front Office also asked me to come after work.

I have to admit that for the past 2 weeks, I played the same songs from Letto. Letto's songs accompanied me during the journey from home to my workplace. It's not only "Ruang Rindu" that played continuously, but also "Sebelum Cahaya". I like the first opening song of the "Sebelum Cahaya",

Ku teringat hati
Yang bertabur mimpi

Kemana kau pergi cinta
Perjalanan sunyi

Engkau tempuh sendiri

Kuatkanlah hati cinta

I remembered on our last day in Paris. He told me that he is a mean person. At first, I though he was kidding, second later I felt seem there was a sadness and a bitterness in his voice.

I felt that I want to say that he is not a mean person, he was just doing what he should be doing. I felt that I want to tell him that he is actually a good and hard working man. However, my tongue seem was tied, like a proverb a cat got my tongue.

When I came back to work after Paris, I realised what made him so sad. He had to asked one of my workmate to resign as she was using the company's money. Eventhough she would return the money later, but I knew that she is actually "borrowing" money to buy marijuana.

I wanted to tell him that he did the right thing. Had he not asked her to resign, the bad habit would come up again and again. Eventually she will tumbling down and will not be able to recover.

I saw her about 2 weeks ago around my old place. I said "Hi" to her eventhough she was about to pass me. I spoke to her and knew that she is till looking for a job. I don't know if she already stopped her bad habit, hopefully that she already stopped it after he treat her harshly. Sometime a harsh treatment will make people realise their own mistake.

Now, as I'm leaving, I feel that I will not be able to see him anymore. Someone that I would miss so dearly. Someone who made me grew up stronger and got more confidence. I will miss his back, his gesture and his smile. Maybe this is the best as I feel that he only treat me as a workmate. I hope that he will get stronger as well to face everyday problems in that workplace. I do hope him the best for the future. Hopefully all people in my old workplace will help him and work harder.
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At Sunday, December 30, 2007 12:55:00 am, Anonymous YenLesly

Hem... jadi hasil lunch nya gak bagus toh non? well, kita gak tau di depan ada cahaya apa yang menanti kita... so, don't give up...