Friday, August 17, 2007
Paris, here I comee...
I got a call from my pager, around 12 pm from a colleague. She said that my General Manager summoned me to his office and he wanted me to come as soon as possible. I was out from the toilet when my colleague informed about that. So I quickly walked to his office and there was an assistant manager gave me a pack of tag price for an imported bottled water. I thought that's it and decided to leave the office to go upstair when the GM's secretary called me and told me to wait 2 minutes. So I was waiting for my GM, 2 minutes passed and I was impatient as I didn't know why. From this morning I was in hurry to finish my job and I didn't know why but I knew that I had to be in hurry and lucky for me, there was not much to do that day. So I counted by 2:30 pm I would finish the first assignment and then I planned to go to the second for around 2 hours.

After around 3 minutes, my GM arrived and told me to go to the office, waiting for him and closed the door (he was outside, called my assistant manager). I was thinking if I'm in a big trouble because it's unusual for him to close the door while I'm talking to him as there's no secret or something to be keep away from other people in the office.
Then my assistant manage and my GM walked in and there he asked me if I want to take a chance to go to Paris for 1 week. I was holding my laugh and asked him if he is kidding. Turned out that he is not.

It got me a big shock when he opened his email to show me that he is not kidding. Turned around that we got presents as we succeeded in sales over 1000% from target. So, we got ticket and accommodation to Paris for 1 week for 5 people. He told me that both of them going together with me and another 2 from the bar.

All I can say is "WOW" and I said yes, I want to experience Paris. The GM asked me 3 times if I'm sure about that. I said yes and it's up to him if he agree, I'll go. I didn't care back then what would I do in Paris. I will kidnapped my brother and forced him to be my guide in Paris, hahahaha...

In my list, there'll be Eiffel Tower and Disney Land. Dunno what will I do in there as we all are free to roam around Paris next month (in mid-September) and only had to dedicate 1 day for a game from the sponsor.
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At Sunday, August 19, 2007 10:10:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

asyiiikkkk ke paris...tungguin aku yah lil, aku bakal datang sama prince wiiliam, paling ngak aku bakal datang sama Jon deh, hiks



At Wednesday, August 22, 2007 8:58:00 pm, Blogger Zsa Zsa

ouch!!! bikin sirik deh lu .. :)
have fun dear! jangan lupa foto2 yang banyak and bawain gw miniatur menara eifel yah! kapan berangkat?