Saturday, April 14, 2007
Bar and Wasting Time
Yesterday, on Friday, one of my colleague was having a farewell party. She is going to England. She has a French dad and that heritage enables her to get dual nationality. She has a French passport that enables her to work in Europe and an Australian passport. So, on her last day, that mean last Friday, she invited some friends to come to the hotel's bar. I was invited. Actually, I hate bar so much because of smoke is everywhere. Moreover, for me, a bar is dirty, dark and noisy. However, just for her, I went there last Friday and stayed there for about 1 & a half hour.

When I went there, the executive manager already been there and drank a bottle of beer then he swapped his bottle with one of the porter boy. I was surprised, what? How come the people in the bar just swapping bottle like that? Isn't it sooo.. un-hygienic? What if one of them get Hepatitis? It's not only stopping in there, other person swapping his drink to others too. I paid for my own Baileys with lots of milk. The bartender who is my friend look at me with a curious face, I told him that I'm not used to drink alcohol. The porter boy jokingly with me that I got a lot of drink knowledge since my job connecting with lots of drinks and snacks bought by the hotel.

Then I ordered a bowl of potato wedges with sour cream and a Thailand's sweet chilli sauce, mix them all when you dipped the wedges, it's yummy and it's better to fill your stomach first before get an alcoholic drink or you will get drunk easily. No, I'm not drunk that night, because I drink considerably and never more than 2 glasses of light drinks.
The executive then said that all drink will be free for the staffs, so then more people lining in the bar for more drink. One of the girl offered to me to order another drink. So, off I went to the bar and ordered a new drink, green tea liquor and the bartender suggested to mix it with lemonade. I agreed and tried it, it's nice but I like my Green Tea Frapuccino from Starbuck better.

Then after some talks, some of them decided to spent the night in the nightclub. I said I would like to go home, then I said goodbye to them and off to home. I feel I got headache since I entered the bar because of the loud noise and the smell of smokes here and there.

I don't really understand what is the comfortability people can get in the bar? It's dirty, got dim light and noisy also there a lot of smokes. I don't like it at all. I can't sit around because I feel that it's dirty in here and there. However, seeing the people spend their night after night in the bar and how my colleagues making stupid faces in the bar when the pictures were taken, make me wondering if I can really enjoyed it.

The answer is NO and never. I like going to cafe or better, stay at home. I like to go shopping or watch DVDs with friends rather spending timeless time in the bar. I like to take picture of beautiful views. I like to eating out rather than eat greasy foods in the bar. I like bright surrounding rather than dark or dim light even in the restaurant. I don't like candle light dinner because it's hard to see how good look is the food. I like to spend more time for a good cause with friends rather than talking to strangers about music or what people talk each other (gossip).

Isn't it better to spend more time for other things that benefit someone's life than spending time in the bar just for talking and smoking? A colleague of mine spending his Thursday night gambling in a casino, spending a week wage just for playing with the machine. I don't really understand why there a lot of people out there, seem with no goal or object to reach out?
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