Saturday, March 31, 2007
Does Anybody Hear Them?
I was browsing GodTube after someone mentioned about this Christian site. GodTube is like YouTube but the messages in the GodTube is designed especially just for Christian and those who are looking for God. The motto is not "broadcasting you" like in the YouTube, but broadcasting Him instead.

Then I was stumbled across Casting Crowns video clip. As I like their song Who Am I, I decided to watch their Does Anybody Hear Her? video clip. Here, the video clip:

The song and the storyline inside the video clip make me feel sad for that woman. How could when someone needs just a little bit of support, that someone often find himself or herself being neglected and being alone in this world then make lots and more then again more mistakes? Then start thinking that seem there is no way out? those people need other people support and sometime they just need to be heard out. Have you look around and help other that in a need recently? No matter how small the need.

I tried to be helpful all the time and believe me, I'm still trying. It's hard because it's a fast- paced city where I live, but I'm still work it out.

Tomorrow, the young adult from church will organise a special visit to a nursing home. It's not far away from the church area. They organise the children from Sunday School to sing together inside the nursing home's hall. Those old people sometime behave very childish (sometime jealous, sometime even don't want to take a bath). However, they are warm, cuddly and will display a very wide smile that they have during the children's visit. They will singing along together with the children and clapping their hands.

I never been there before, only agree to come along after a friend's offer 2 weeks ago that I should go with them. Usually I would go somewhere else with other friends or just stay at home in the weekend because I'm very tired after working a week. Let's see what I can do to help them tomorrow.
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