Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Nigella Lawson's husband diet
Do you know Nigella Lawson the Domestic Goddess?

She is on the picture on this left side.

Her cooking are delectable and beautifully presented with lots of delicious dessert.

I was reading a news online when I found this hilarious article and want to share it with all of you.

Here are the quotes from news.com.au:

TEMPTATION can never be far away for a man married to TV chef Nigella Lawson, known to her global audience as the delectable domestic goddess.

Our admiration for the willpower of her husband Charles Saatchi should know no bounds.

Saatchi, the millionaire art collector who had a hankering for pickled shark, has spurned his wife's cooking and been on a severe diet. So severe it practically breaches the Geneva convention.

In a matter of months, he has lost 25kg. While his wife grows ever more Rubenesque, he has gone all Giacometti.

What's his secret? Surely it is not possible for a man to lose weight when his wife can knock up rib-sticking stir-fry ("there's a good amount of meat in this") followed by roly-poly pudding ("eat with either cream or ice cream"), without even smudging her lip gloss?

For Saatchi, the answer was more radical: he gave up pretty much everything except eggs.

"The discomfort and humiliations of being obese finally won," he said. So he adopted radical action. "It took me 10 months of eating only eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner to shift it. I am still not much to look at, but I have become cringingly vain and hold the world record for the highest level of cholesterol ever seen in anyone still with a pulse."

Saatchi is known to like a joke - never mind a yolk - and not everyone can believe he survived for 10 months on nothing but eggs.

More recently, studies in the US have shown that eggs, which contain protein and vitamins, provide the sort of nutrition that might help control appetite better than carbohydrates.

In one study of obese women, half were fed bagels for breakfast and half eggs, with both groups getting the same calories. The egg-eaters went on to consume less food during the rest of the day than the bagel bunnies.

But if he really did eat nothing but eggs, dietitian's have sympathy for his wife.

"After several days you'd get ketosis - carbohydrate deficiency, which is also well known with the Atkins diet," said Ursula Arens of the British Dietetic Association. "You get bad breath, constipation, gut problems and sulphurous odours, including eggy burps, over time. And you start to have food fantasies, visions about things you miss."

Experts are agreed that a balanced diet is by far a better way to achieve lasting weight loss.

"It's very important to eat a varied, balanced diet," said Joanne Lunn of the British Nutrition Foundation. "On the 'eat well' plate we use to illustrate healthy eating, eggs are in the group that includes meat and fish.

"But it's important to eat a dietary pattern that you can sustain in the long term. Otherwise all that will happen is that you will lose the weight, then go back to eating what you're used to and put it all back on again."

So stop that butter fudge sundae right there, Nigella - give the man a chance.

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At Tuesday, March 25, 2008 11:46:00 pm, Blogger hermin

konyol banget tuch... coba dietnya pake kacang kedele atawa kacang ijo, pasti kolesterolnya gak segunung, gula darah tetep terjaga, dan perut masih bisa kempes! juga masih bisa kebelakang dengan lancar!!! hehehe (dari pecinta kacang2an)